Intro We are dedicated to educating practitioners to provide a form of health care that produces amazing changes that are consistent, predictable and reproducible. Institute for Advanced BioStructural Correction™ "Breathe in. Breathe out and let your body relax and slump." Instructions for ALL pictures. FRM Free Demonstration on YOUR Body Today
  • The ABC First Rib Maneuver™ is one of the few things you can do on yourself and actually get results like these:
  • •Your shoulders will immediately not slump forward when you let you body relax. (This should end the idea that exercise is needed.)
  • •Breathe easier in your chest/Nasal passages will be more open
  • You'll have more color in your face due to increased blood flow.
  • •Many other positive effects depending upon what is out of alignment in your body at this time.
Click Here to Play Learn the ABC First Rib Maneuver™ for FREE right now What I am saying is beyond, even contrary, to what others tell you can happen. I understand that.
So, I will teach you a part of the ABC™ protocol right now FREE so you can know this is real.
Then you can see for yourself that these pictures accurately show the extraordinary
changes you can accomplish with the First Rib Maneuver™
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Practitioners Hear What Other Practitioners Say About ABC™ ABC™ is life changing.And for people that haven't experienced it, they need to experience it, especially docs, that are looking for an answer as to why they haven't been able to help people. ABC™ will give them that answer and it's backed up by the data to prove it. Click Here to Play Our bodies do break down in somewhat consistent ways and unless we know how they break down and how to fix them, we're going to suffer through things that we should never suffer through. And ABC™ has figured out how to fix those things so that we can recover from them and not suffer from them any more than necessary. ABC™ works. It has the ability to fix their bodies that have been broken down through activities of life. And because those activities are breaking their bodies down that they can't do them anymore, even though they enjoy them. This can restore their bodies so they can go back to that lifestyle and enjoy and continue to fix them as they enjoy life. A lot of techniques just push bones in a direction the body could already fix because it has muscles attached that way, but this technique is unique in that it takes the bones that the body can't get back in position and helps them back and the body can continue to go to the next thing that needs to be addressed.
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Click here to learn the ABC First Rib Maneuver™ FREE right now

Since what you have just seen — bodies staying upright with no effort after only one treatment — is so different from what you have likely been taught and so different from what you think is real, we teach the ABC First Rib Maneuver™ Free to get you physical reality that YOU can achieve these results immediately with your patients.  Do the ABC First Rib Maneuver™ on yourself and several other people (shoulders will immediately be back with no effort – not everything just the shoulders since it is only this one maneuver).  You will discover all these pictures are really with people relaxed after treatment.

How and Why ABC™ Works and How it is Different.

Practitioners of all types are learning Advanced BioStructural Correction™ and are stunned at the results. They are quite surprised at the ease with which such amazing results can be obtained. As you can see from the pictures ABC™ consistently and predictably provides the results other methods hope for and only sometimes accomplish.        Think the pictures are somehow faked?    That is a common thought.

As noted above, we know these results conflict with what everyone else is teaching. However, they are real and you can get them starting now by learning the ABC First Rib Maneuver™.  We teach it FREE so you can get physical reality that what we are teaching is real and doable by you.

What will happen with bodies doing the ABC First Rib Maneuver™?

  • Your shoulders will immediately not slump forward when you let your body relax.
  • Breathe easier in your chest/Nasal passages will be more open.
  • You’ll have more color in your face due to increased blood flow.
  • Many other positive effects depending upon what is out of alignment in your body at this time.

You likely think and have been taught that the only way for people to have shoulders that stay back is by holding them back with muscles.  Get ready to have that thought challenged — not by me, by you.  You will do the ABC First Rib Maneuver™ and create that result.  You will discover you have been given false data.  You will have to rethink everything you have been taught about how the body stays upright and what can be corrected. YOU will do it.

Click here to learn the ABC First Rib Maneuver™ FREE right now

Only ABC™ is showing you pictures of people staying upright with no effort starting with treatment one and promising to teach you to be able to do that. Others wish they could but there is a reason you can scour the internet and not see anyone claiming anything like this except ABC™ practitioners. Dr. Jutkowitz made the discoveries and only he teaches it.   (Pronounced  jut • ko • witz  people seem to want to know that.)

Now you’ve probably been promised the moon and stars before and been disappointed and let down many times. So if you’re skeptical we’re not surprised. So let’s start here.

Here’s what it takes to correct bodies–>Correct what the body cannot self correct on it’s own.

Seems easy enough and it seems to be what everyone in health care thinks he or she is doing or thinks they are teaching. If that’s the case, why are outcomes less than bodies staying upright with no effort like in these pictures?   Since we’re talking about posture and body structure let’s start with spinal manipulation.   Correcting body structure is not going to fix cancer or infections. Pharmacology or the use of drugs and medications that use chemistry to modify homeostasis is a different subject.  But again, why are the outcomes of manipulation less that what we are showing on this page?  It starts with this:

How is ABC™ Different?

How was ABC™ Discovered?

Improved Breathing

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The obvious thing was not the right thing…

PtoA AdjustingHistory: When people first started noticing that bones out of place caused problems with health, they noticed that some spinal bones (called vertebra) appeared to be out of place backwards. The concept was simple. Find the bone that’s backwards and, with a person face down on a table, push it forward.

It seemed to make sense and that has been the theory behind most methods of manipulation since the beginning — even going back thousands of years to ancient methods used in India and China  and especially in more modern times, with methods developed in chiropractic, osteopathy, physical therapy and others.

Old Idea: In the animation to the left notice that the person is face down. Notice the two misaligned bones in the center of the spine. One is clearly forward and one is relatively backward. What is taught is to push the backward bone forward (the blue arrow coming down — a typical chiropractic, osteopathic and physical therapy treatment and widely taught in all their schools and by most independent teachers). At the end of the treatment notice that rather than being lined up correctly there are now two bones stuck forward. This is why people continue to slump.   With Advanced BioStructural Correction™ you will see that changes immediately.  Bodies immediately are more upright with no physical effort as the pictures before and after ABC™ treatment on this page.

That backward vertebra, before treatment, will often feel stuck, swollen and tender to both the practitioner and the patient. Pushing this area of the spine forward, though painful for a second or so during the treatment, often leaves the patient feeling better at that spot because it unsticks the bones. However, the bones have been pushed more forward overall.  If you ask that person to let their body relax, you will find they now fall more forward at that spot.

This is how many of you probably practice. Practitioners put people face down and push on their backs all the time. So do massage therapists even though they don’t thrust. Many exercises and stretches by physical therapists have the exact same effect on their patients bodies of pushing bones forward.

If you’re in a profession where you touch people’s backs then you know that some people have very healthy, flexible spines, but most do not. You also know that in the same person some areas of their spine move really well and other areas feel like tree trunks. Treatment goals usually involve manipulation of these stuck joints to free them up or strengthening and stretching of tight muscles that are causing the person pain.

So how does Advanced BioStructural Correction™ take a completely different approach to healing?

Go to the next slide by clicking the second tab above to see how it actually works …

How it actually works: What would happen if instead of pushing forward on the bone that was backwards, you could push the bone stuck forward backwards? Would that have a different outcome? How would you even get to the bone to push it backwards? You clearly couldn’t pull it backwards because there’s nothing to grab hold of right?

AtoP Adjustment for Converting to Animated GIF2Take a look at the animation to the right. The same bones are forward and backward on this patient. To get the forward bone to move backward into the correct position the practitioner creates a fulcrum using a fist. Putting the fist below the vertebra that is forward creates a fulcrum that can be used to lever the forward bone backward if you push on the front of the body. You have to be careful not to push too hard because the fulcrum is the same vertebra that appears backwards in the above animation. If you push too hard you might get the forward one to move backward, but you might also get the backward one to move forward.

The standing patient wraps their arms around their body and from the front the practitioner stands close in front of the patient, asks the patient to relax and adjusts the person against the wall. In this position, the force comes from the front, through the ribs and to the forward vertebra which pushes it backwards. Very different wouldn’t you say?

Which version is right? In both cases the practitioner is moving bones and probably getting some audible crackling noises out of the joints. But which version would you want for yourself? You’re probably saying, “The one that works.” And I would agree.

However, what does “works” mean? Are we just interested in relieving pain temporarily? Can one get relief from pain but make the body mechanically worse — adversely affecting breathing or movement in other parts of the body? These are things to consider beyond the pain that most people miss because they are so focused on getting relief from the pain. It is also why many use drugs. They know drugs do not change the body and might be harmful, but they do relieve the pain.

Go to the next slide by clicking the third tab above…

Here’s the key: Turns out that if vertebra get shoved forward there are no muscles or groups of muscles that can pull the bone backwards. So why would you ever want to shove them forward purposely even if it helped reduce pain?

Forward is the enemy. This is the same reason you see the elderly bent forward. Have you ever wondered why there are no walkers for people that are bent backwards or to the right or left? Why are the walkers designed for people that are bent forward only? It’s because you never see people any other way. They are always forward. And now you know why. As more and more bones get pushed forward in a person over a lifetime, from common everyday activities, they get more stooped forward and can’t stand up straight…Even if they try.

Advanced BioStructural Correction™ (ABC™) addresses this sole issue. ABC™ corrects bones out of place that your body cannot self correct because there is no muscle or group of muscles that actually exist in the human body that can correct these malpositions. This is one of the huge factors that have been missing in health care. ABC™ has figured out every single bone in the body that has this “defect”, if you want to call it that, where the bone cannot self correct in every direction. The other factor that is critical in correcting bodies is meningeal releases.

Together by releasing the meninges and correcting ONLY the bones out of place that the body cannot self correct that day can the body unwind and almost go backwards through time reversing old injuries and restoring health like nothing else can.

Anyone can learn ABC™ with the correct training. We’ve even had people start doing some of the maneuvers that they’ve seen on our YouTube videos in their office and got better results than they have with any other technique that they know. We don’t suggest that, but ABC™ has the answers you’ve been looking for to restore not only your patients health, but yours as well. Get results on even the most chronic of conditions. Will every ache and pain and long term injury be corrected on your first visit? No. But people often get a lot of relief on their first visit and they usually cannot slump unless they force the slump which is really unique to ABC™.

So that’s the nuts and bolts of it. There’s a lot more to it, but we wanted to write a simple explanation of how ABC™ is different than all the other methods claiming postural correction or body correction that are available for you to learn.


Real and Immediate correction of body structure means Real and Immediate posture correction.

Sounds like an outrageous statement to those who do not know how to do Advanced BioStructural Correction™ (ABC™), but I stand by that statement and you will too starting your first day doing ABC™ because you will immediately do it with ALL your patients.

There are no excuses. Chiropractic, Osteopathic and physical therapy people will tell you it is impossible and these pictures are not with people relaxing.

Call and learn the ABC First Rib Maneuver™. Before you get off the phone your shoulders will not slump forward and you will do it to others and discover you can do this and get those same results with ALL patients.

Not everyone has the first rib problem as their main problem so this is certainly no miracle cure. However, it is extremely rare to find a human body that does not have shoulders that roll forward somewhat. This maneuver ends that one thing. Call now if you are a health care practitioner of any type and you will be able to do it 15 or so minutes later. This if FREE to get you physical reality that what I say is true.

Call now 203.366.2746 You learn it, do it to yourself and discover your shoulders do not slump forward. We also teach you how to do it to others. Then, you go do it to others and discover what I say is no exaggeration. Then we get you to learn the rest of how to do Advanced BioStructural Correction™ and it makes that huge improvement (no one else promises your shoulder will not slump forward without a lot of exercise and work) look like a small thing. Call now 203.366.2746


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