ABC™ X-ray Analysis Course


The ABC™ X-Ray Analysis Course is for everyone who wants to see the changes on the inside that bodies go through when they are being treated with ABC™, as well as those who have uncertainty about ABC™ and/or how it works on human bodies.  It is also a requirement for Level IV Certification.
The ABC™ X-Ray Analysis Course is a compilation of 2 different programs that when studied, answer many of the questions practitioners have asked over the years.  It consists of the CDs from an X-Ray Seminar and an X-Ray Workshop, along with printed copies of 40 full spine standing and sitting films. This course involves increasing detail on the mechanical analysis of several sets of sequential standing and sitting x-rays taken pre-treatment, post-treatment and then further post-treatment.
For any practitioner,  the ABC™ X-Ray Analysis Course is an important step in developing a greater understanding of what is occurring in human body mechanics.  It  increases one’s ability to predict the changes to be expected on your patients and gives you increased certainty on how to bring about lasting results.
Prerequisites are detailed below.



If you have never studied ABC before you would need to one of the following to give you some basic understanding of the ABC theory.

  1. Completed a Basic Seminar or
  2. ABC Core Curriculum Program purchased or
  3. How and Why DVD purchased and mailed to you in the mail (along with the X-Ray Materials) or
  4. How and Why DVD watched on Vimeo.

Detailed Description of ABC™ X-ray Seminar

Completing the ABC™ X-ray Seminar is an important step in developing an understanding of what is occurring in human body mechanics that has been missed by virtually everyone preceding the research and development of ABC™. This is not a course on some theory or conjecture of what happens. It is a course that gives objective hard physical, factual measurements of what has happened, what is happening and what does happen with your patients, if you are doing ABC correctly. If you aren’t doing ABC correctly, then you will likely see some changes along these lines, but your patients will not be able to unwind completely — even if you are consistently missing even one seemingly small thing.

This is especially valuable for those of you who do not take X-rays! If that seems a bit backward, it is not.  The most questions about what is occurring in bodies as they are treated with ABC™ seem to come from those who do not routinely use x-rays.  These practitioners will finish the seminar with greater certainty of the effects of their treatments and the improvements they are making with people’s bodies.

You will see how practitioners and researchers doing other methods have been and are being fooled and why they treat the wrong things by looking at the large and easily visible curves or twists. These mistakes are easily noticeable when the underlying mechanical stresses are revealed.  Are small curves more important that large ones? What are invisible curves and what effect do they have? What does the body do to make them invisible? How are they so easily seen?  Hint: The answer lies in 3 dimensional analysis rather than 2.

Do the effects of a scoliosis for which they do operations have anything to do with the scoliosis itself?  Can you easily fix them?

What is the basic misunderstanding and resulting mistake that upper cervical manipulation researchers and practitioners make?

What is the basic mistake that SacroOcciptal practitioners of all types make?

What is the basic mistake that Chiropractors, Osteopaths and every other practitioner of bodywork makes?  And, how to YOU use that knowledge to actually correct bodies?

These and many other questions practitioners have and patients ask are answered in the ABC™ Core Curriculum Program but the answers are given without a full basis for understanding them available in that program. Practitioners and others doing the ABC™ X-Ray Analysis Course get the explanations behind those answers and are amazed at how easily understandable those analyses are made in this course.

My intention is that you will acquire a greater certainty on what is occurring in bodies as you go through this seminar and workshop and that you come away with no more confusion on such things as Overlying Overcompensations and exactly what is occurring in unwinding.

If you have any questions related to this course, as always give me a call.