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Level II certification is a pre-requisite to attend.

Note: FT Students may be eligible for a 50% discount ($350)

Certification level discounts are applicable.

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Advanced BioStructural Correction™ Advanced Seminars

This Seminar teaches advanced observation skills and tips, allows time for more individual coaching and gives the opportunity to achieve a Level III Expert Certification pass for ABC™ Core Curriculum owners.  Note: FT Students may be eligible for a 50% discount ($350)

Certification level discounts are applicable.

In this high powered two-day seminar, you will get a deeper level understanding of the technique, greater mastery and expertise at a more advanced level. There is plenty of opportunity to discuss, address and solve more challenging cases along with one-on-one coaching and tips designed to increase your personal skills.

Included in the Advanced ABC™ Seminar:

  • You will improve your observation skills and develop a better ability to “read” bodies.
  • You will have personal hands-on training one-on-one with Dr. Jutkowitz.
  • You will have extensive opportunities for Q & A and round table discussion with other practitioners.
  • You will have opportunity to bring troublesome patients to be treated under the supervision of Dr. Jutkowitz.
  • You will receive the latest updated technical developments.
  • You will hear case studies as well as highlights from past ABC™ information filled events.
  • You will learn how to deal with tough cases and specific body types.
  • You will learn the subtleties of application that lead to your developing a much expanded skill set and greater expertise.
  • You will get the opportunity to be treated yourself many times by experienced practitioners.

More Information

Not all ABC™ Seminars are purchased on this site. If the seminar you want to register for does not appear in the drop down list below, then the registration for that seminar is handled by an individual ABC™ Instructor or Group. You must contact them directly to register and pay for your seminar. The main ABC™ seminar schedule on this site shows all the different seminars worldwide for your convenience and the organizers contact information is available there. (Click on the date of the seminar.)

If you are not a healthcare professional and would like to learn ABC™ contact our office for information about fulfilling prerequisites. Call our office at (203) 366-2746 or click here to contact us online.


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