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Prerequisite: ABC™ Level 3 Certification or above.

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Advanced BioStructural Correction™ Master Class Seminars

This is the most advanced seminar in ABC™. It covers all the components to be a true master at applying Advanced BioStructural Correction™.

Attendees are restricted to those who have shown expertise and extreme proficiency applying all the basic Advanced BioStructural Correction fundamentals as well as proficiency applying the Advanced Seminar data.

The first part of the class is somewhat individualized to bring all the attendees up to speed with data they may not have.

It will cover such things as “why did you do that?” questions that people sometimes have when watching Dr. Jutkowitz run the protocol on patients or why it may seem that things are being done out of order of the protocol or seem to be skipping parts and why.

It will cover challenging cases like why some of the patients do not seem to pop upright.

This Class will expand a master level practitioner’s understanding and expertise to a higher level of competence and certainty.


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