Technical Skills Coaching Seminar


Basic Seminar is a pre-requisite to attend.

This 1 day Seminar is 100% practical application of the protocol in which you will have one to one critiquing of your skill set to ensure the highest level of precision and proficiency of application of ABC™.

Note: FT Students may be eligible for a 50% discount ($248)

Certification level discounts are applicable.

Duration – 9:00 to 6:00

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The Technical Skills Coaching Seminar {TSCS}, is a newly adopted seminar introduced to ensure the very highest level of accuracy in the application of Advanced BioStructural Correction™. It is the seminar you should attend if you require your application to be critiqued by a qualified instructor and if you are looking to achieve a higher level of ABC™ Certification.

This is the only seminar that we deliver that is 100% practical application of the protocol and in which you will have one to one critiquing of your skill set. Should Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz deem it necessary to make any changes or additions to the current treatment protocol, then we will introduce these changes at this (TSCS) seminar.

Basic Seminar is a pre-requisite to attend.

Included in the seminar and what you will gain….

  • Have the opportunity to watch Instructors demonstrate a complete ABC™ treatment in much slower fashion, reaffirming and talking through the specific maneuvers and salient points of reference and importance in order to complete maneuvers correctly and consistently.
  • This is 100% Practical. Every attendee will run the complete protocol on another attendee, swapping and treating as many different bodies as is practical. Continue to be observed and corrected where necessary by instructor(s).
  • Review together the ABC™ protocol sheet.
  • Receive personal hands-on training one to one with a highly qualified instructor.
  • Have your ABC™ practical skill set fully critiqued and corrected as necessary.
  • Provide you with the confidence and certainty to manage all the cases that you will be seeing in your clinic.
  • Towards end of the seminar day, Instructor to discuss, consider and certify an attendee for a new Level of Certification (1,2,3) in ABC™.