ABC™ Core Curriculum Training Program

The ABC™ Core Curriculum Training Program includes everything you need to know to learn and practice Advanced BioStructural Correction™.

The original program is a comprehensive packet of material including two manuals, four instructional CD’s and five DVD’s that give you all the information needed to be treating with Advanced BioStructural Correction™ after only a few weekends of relatively easy study.  Not only will you learn how to perform ABC™ on patients, but you’ll learn how to analyze posture to know what to treat and what to leave alone so you get the results seen on the Before and After First Visit page which grows your practice by word-of-mouth.

Included in the ABC™ Core Curriculum Training Program:

  • 4 Instructional CDs:  Easy to understand audio CDs with a large section explaining essential points from Dr. Alf Breig, the neurosurgeon who demonstrated most all neurological effects are actually the result of mechanical pathologies in the spinal column as well as current research that confirms those neurological facts. With permission from Elizabeth Breig a large section of Manual 2 (see below) are the actual pictures and diagrams from his research corresponding with this data. You will also discover the most basic principles which show you how the conservative Advanced BioStructural Correction™ allows you to consistently and predictably help patients and get them the results they consider miraculous which grows your practice even without practice management tricks.
  • Introductory DVD with the First Rib Maneuver™: This DVD starts you out on your journey to learn Advanced BioStructural Correction™ with an introduction to the subject as well as a demonstration of the entire ABC™ Protocol.  It also specifically teaches you the exact method of immediately improving a person’s posture and breathing with easy to learn instructions on how to perform the “First Rib Maneuver™”
  • Protocol Instructional DVD:  Easy to follow instructions and views of every step of the Advanced BioStructural Correction™ protocol with specific emphasis on each maneuver needed to perform the entire technique.  This DVD complements the explicit step-by-step instructions in the Manual 1 so you can get a real look at treatment procedures and how to do them. It covers everything you need to start doing better with patients in your office that day.
  • Sit, Sleep, Stand Instructional DVD:  What people do sitting, sleeping and standing to continually get their bodies wound up in knots and simple ways to change it so that patients sit and sleep without messing up their bodies and so they can move when upright in ways that make them much more efficient and stress free – patients love it once they get it demonstrated.
  • Sitting, Sleeping & Standing Educational Booklet & sample stand supports.  This booklet is designed to explain to your patients what they can do to prevent the above. Included are some sample ABC™ Essential stand supports that you can use immediately.
  • “How and Why the ABC™ Technology Consistently and Predictably Corrects Body Problems” Sample DVD: This is a fantastic communication tool to assist you in educating your patients on how their bodies work and what you are doing to correct them.  It results in greater understanding, improved patient compliance and increased long term care.
  • ABC™ Practitioner Essentials Tools: The tools that a practitioner needs to implement ABC™ their office, including a folding lumbar board, “sit test” boards, hand protector for correcting anteriors & a packet of unwinding brochures. It also includes the ABC™ Essentials Instrument for treating the pelvis and feet and a belted strap to assist with doing meningeal releases.
  • Seminar Manual 1:
    Part A of this manual covers the theory and research trail. What exactly did Alf Breig, MD and Shokei Yamada MD discover about how the meninges work? After you read this information you will have the explanation of why no one seems to understand scoliosis, so they cannot correct them or the various neurological “diseases” that are not really diseases but effects of pathological mechanics of the spinal column.
    Part B of this manual gives the explanations of the basis for each part of the protocol. You will learn the explicit and detailed step-by-step instructions, actual methods you will be using to consistently and predictably treat patients effectively in a way that immediately improves their function so much they cannot help but notice, to relieve their pain fast and make large improvements in their posture with no exercise or traction that astonishes them and has them knowing that they finally have met a practitioner who can make the changes on their body that everyone else just talks about making. This leads to patients wanting long term correction programs to really correct their bodies because they know you can do it. THAT leads to long term practice growth and ease.
  • Seminar Manual 2:
    This is the reference manual that accompanies the course. It contains an Instructional CD Companion Booklet with all the references talked about in the CD’s, complete with Breig’s actual pictures of dissections, illustrations, and x-rays. It has chapters from Alf Breig’s work Adverse Mechanical Tension in the Central Nervous System as well as excerpts from other key research papers. A full bibliography is included, along with a complete glossary, as well as 25 amazing case histories which show the miracle results that have been obtained with Advanced BioStructural Correction™.
  • Access to the Private ABC™ Practitioners Forum online and/or community talks by phone and association newsletters by mail.
  • Initial ABC™ Treatment by Dr. Jesse
  • Live Help-Line:  Live help by phone whenever you need it is with the ABC™ Core Curriculum Training Program for one year. After learning ABC™ you will be treating patients more effectively than ever.  How much is live help worth when you are learning?

Hear From Others

“I waited a year to view the Intro DVD. I called to learn that First Rib Maneuver™ and then I rushed to get the ABC™ Core Curriculum Training Program. It was a huge mistake to wait that year. I get consistently get the results promised. The patients notice and refer more. The practice is way up and I do not even have to use the distraction machine any more on those used to be “difficult” patients. Do not be dumb and wait like I did. Get ABC™ Core Curriculum Training Program now and you will love it from day one.”
Dr. Reynoso, CA

“I am very impressed! I was a bit leery about buying ABC™ Core Curriculum Training Program, but the data and instructions are clear and easy to follow. Dr. Jutkowitz even called me the Monday after I got the seminar to find out if I had any questions. He does not just leave you to get it or not on your own. When Jesse says he takes responsibility for doctors being able to use ABC™ and get the results he promises, he means it.”
Dr. Rusty Cross, TN

Other training programs of this caliber are charging $5000 or more and they neither deliver nor promise to deliver consistent and predictable results with your patients.  ABC™ promises consistent and predictable results with your patients and delivers. Call any certified ABC™ practitioner and ask.

Remember we support our practitioners to the max: Every ABC™ Core Curriculum Training Program includes unlimited phone consultation time with Dr. Jutkowitz for one year (but Dr. Jutkowitz is dedicated to having every practitioner be able to correct every body that walks in their doors with conditions not caused by cancer, infections, fractures and the like so he tends to take questions and answer them for any practitioner at any time and at no additional charge once they have attended a live seminar too —  Dr. J also often personally takes calls or returns calls one time from non ABC™ practitioners with questions either about ABC™ or about specific patients when he is in town and available so call and ask if you have questions).