Xray is NOT needed

Dear Doctor:

For some reason, probably because I am presenting the data about discovery and research, doctors have gotten the impression that Advanced BioStructural Correction™ is a system of diagnosis and treatment that depends upon x-raying the patient. This is not true. It is discovering the data and doing research which was\is dependant upon having x-ray or other skeletal imaging to measure specifically what patients’ bodies are doing as you treat them.

The research has been done. Research to find exact mechanisms and the like continues but to EFFECTIVELY diagnose biomechanical pathologies and EFFECTIVELY treat patients with ABC™ does not require you x-ray your patients.

By the way don’t just believe me. There are some pictures of what you can do with patients after you call me and get instructions on a certain adjustment. That adjustment immediately improves breathing and will realign your body and patients’ bodies so well they will not slump when they relax after this adjustment. You will experience it on yourself and see it on your patients immediately. This is not some pie-in-the-sky thing about which we say — It takes months to see projection of what can happen if — You will see the changes immediately. Just as Advanced BioStructural Correction™ is no undemonstrated claim.

Like the rest of ABC™ this adjustment creates a real change that can be seen, felt, measured and otherwise noticed immediately. IT is free — given so you can see and find out for yourself that ABC™ can and does do what is claimed and so that begin to know you (if you are a chiropractor) can do Advanced BioStructural Correction™ in a short period of training. The phone number is 203 366-2746. To do the At-Home Seminar the average doctor is taking 18 or fewer hours.

My goal is to get every chiropractor to be able to make the changes and get the results chiropractic has always promised but has been spotty in delivering. Call the doctors whose numbers are noted in the doctor testimonials. (Doctor Success Stories.) You will find out I keep my promises and take personal responsibility to make sure you are competent at ABC™. That is why my name is at the bottom of this paper not just some company name.