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We had an audiologist as a new student at this weekend’s workshop. He had bought and studied the Online CCP and started adjusting friends and family already [using ABC].

He had a whole string of quality results.

Pretty good going

And testament to the quality of the online course!
~Dr. Richard Gliddon

Two side view pictures of a man, showing his shoulders and posture straightening after Advanced BioStructural Correction™ treatments.

A patient before treatment and after six years of care.


I finally got to see the huge impact ABC™ can make with neurological issues. This mother brought her 19 yo daughter who seemed like a vegetable in a human suit for all practical purposes. She just stood off to a side in the hallway with her head down and tipped on one side and hands locked in the front – didn’t move or interact with anyone. This was at an Amish house where I’ve been seeing clients since early Feb.

I asked the mother what was going on with Martha and she told me they had seen all kinds of specialists to try and help her. Although they never had her tested for Autism, the unofficial verdict from doctors was that she is in the spectrum.

She was born prematurely, weighing a pound and 11 ounces. Then half way through her school (which I imagine to be 4th grade being they’re Amish), she started getting quieter and quieter and stopped interacting with people, in general. Her mother was convinced that Martha understood everything but had decided to be withdrawn and refused to participate in the world.

I told her that judging by her posture she may have what neurologists would call tethered-cord syndrome, which can present as a myriad of problems including depression. I told her Martha likely didn’t register what was going on around her. That she likely was living in a sort of a haze because of that stretch in her spinal cord and pull in her brainstem. The mother asked if I could help and I told her I was willing to try.

The first time, I skipped her MRs, did the usual protocol and, by the time I got to doing her feet, she was giggling, probably because she was ticklish and had regained enough sense to respond. Later that week her father brought her to see me a second time. He said she was looking forward to come and see me. I commented, “We must be doing something good for her!” But he thought it’s probably because it was just a different activity from the routine. I assured him that people like to see their ABC practitioners not because it’s an activity but because we help them feel better!

The following week when I arrived, Martha was already there and she smiled as soon as she saw me. Unfortunately, the parents decided not to heed my advice of bringing her at least 2x a week, so after the first week, I’ve only seen her 4 times in a 3 week period. By the 4th treatment, Martha was not only more active but also followed my English instructions so her mom didn’t have to interpret for me. Perhaps, more importantly, her mother wasn’t irritable and stressed like she was the first time we met.

Martha’s parents didn’t share this but after the first 2 treatments, at church that weekend, Martha took half a slice of bread to eat. According to another Amish woman who had also been noticing improvements in her, that had “never happened before”.

She has a long ways to go but the family is clearly hopeful.

~Vaibhav (sent by Dr. Richard Gliddon)


I practiced and was a certified instructor in Biophysics for 17 years. Jesse first introduced me to Advanced BioStructural Correction™ last year. (1998)
After my first adjustment I knew this was right for the body. I got the At-Home Seminar and started adjusting all of my patients using ABC™. Patients get permanent changes fast. They come for their appointments without being pushed and refer others before I ask. My practice has grown greatly with ABC™ and I have not looked back since

I recommend ABC™ for every doctor who wants to consistently and predictably get their patients results chiropractic has always promised.

I have had a great week. Folks are excited, very excited! I have been really surprised. People come walking in, no calling, just there because so and so said I had to come see you. This HAS NEVER HAPPENED TO ME BEFORE. I have been so happy with my new work, which means I’m much more fun to live with. I’m excited to tell people I’m a chiropractor. Life is great- Thanks ABC™.

Maybe a little melodramatic but honestly I feel such a weight removed when people can share in the experience that their body is changing, not just what I tell them.

Thank you Jesse!!!




I received the intro tape and data yesterday and reviewed most of it. Still don’t know if I am interested. I did contact Dr. Porter in Spokane — it’s 3 hours from here — and scheduled to meet with him on Monday.

Rick Cohen follow-up email below

Subj: ABC™ {seeing/feeling is believing}

Date: 99-05-25 00:03:11 EDT

I just got back from visiting with Jerry Porter in Spokane. I have to admit that I was a little skeptical when I got there, but I was very impressed!

Not only could I see dramatic functional changes in his patients, but they were predictable! When I was adjusted, I felt positive changes immediately and it got better from there. Later in the day I had another adjustment. It is astounding that my body does not slump at all whether I hold it up or not.

Dr. Porter said that the biggest thing was that if doctors could get adjusted this way and experience the difference between ABC™ and everything else, they would all switch. Feeling and seeing it on every patient is believing! You must get doctors to do and see the changes with the first rib adjustment you teach over the phone free — and the rest.

I’ll be mailing an order off to you this week!

Will be in touch,

Rick Cohen


I don’t care what Don, Burl or anyone else says. I got the ABC™ at-home seminar. It works just as Dr. Jutkowitz says it will. Try it!
My patients’ before and after Polaroids look the same as his look. Dr. G


If your smart you must not buy the “study at home workshop packet… UNLESS YOU HAVE A CAMERA!!!! Because you are not going to believe your eyes. And you will rapidly collect IRREFUTABLE PROOF that you can make spinal CORRECTIONS anywhere anytime.

I don’t have a camera and I have witnessed the most UNBELIEVABLE changes in 2 people I adjusted today, Dr. Mike Callis, LA

Response by Dr. Kukurin in Pittsburgh, PA

I know what you are saying.  I’ve had such incredible spinal corrections…I can kick myself for not doing pre-post pictures.   I guess that I never thought the spine could change so quickly…

One adjustment, distortion’s gone. I blinked…no photo… you missed it!!  If you have not seen the doctors pages, look. I changed a cervical curve in three adjustments. If any of the other theories about how you can do it were true I would not have been able to do it.


Jesse, Here’s my first testimonial regarding ABC™.

I just started using ABC™ and had adjusted a few patients who were NOT in any acute pain and got great results.

Then a 48-year-old male presented with very severe lumbosacral pain with associated left trunk antalgia. I evaluated and treated using ABC™ protocols. He was originally showing up as a right-sided MBS (major biomechanical stress side). After the first treatment, I rechecked and he instantly showed up as a left sided MBS so I treated him accordingly. He felt better while standing but his antalgia did not change. He also felt cont’d severe pain when standing from sitting. The next morning was very tough for him with pain more unilateral to the right sup. glut. area. I adjusted him as a left and the right-sided pain was reduced but still no change in antalgia. Frustrated, I phoned Jesse and we tried a few things over the phone with a change but no major change in antalgia.

Jesse advised me the patient was very swollen but did fine and to wait until later that day and treat again. Before I let the patient go, I decided to try MY OLD STUFF which consisted of side posture maneuvers. I had certainly seen these moves work in the past and was clearly more comfortable with them. After treatment the patient got up much worse with the full return of the right sided pain and increased antalgia. I reevaluated using ABC™ protocols and tx’ed him again as a left. This resulted in a reduction in right-sided pain as before (thank God). He returned 3 hrs later and I tx’ed him as a Left MBS again but this time I noticed the meningeal release was easier and resulted in mild cavitations of cervical joints (this guys neck was extremely restricted – not because of neck pain, just very tight). I also noticed that his lumbar spine segments now moved so much easier.

As Jesse predicted, the patient returned the next day about 80 % better with little to no antalgia and much better ambulation. He was amazed to say the least. His last bout with this type of pain was in ’94 – he saw another DC and it took about one month to reduce just the antalgia and he was out of work for 2-3 months. His MRI from ’94 shows 4 or 5 levels of disc bulging with a major HNP at L3. Doing fine now.

From Jesse>>> If you are not sure call me. I understand that though you may be technically good at doing the maneuvers there is also the point of getting experience and understanding what is occurring. This is a straight case of unlocking an overlying overcompensation and then applying the protocol. The swelling in cases like these rarely takes more than a day or two to be down enough for the patient to function well. That is why I say, If you can not get the person out of pain in 2 days you need to call me.

After that they unwind through and off you go.


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One more thought on Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz and Advanced BioStructural Correction™.

Dr.  Jutkowitz says he’ll give me the 1st rib adjustment for the price of a phone call.   So I try it…and it works just like it was advertised to work.

I would really recommend making the phone call and giving it a try.

I don’t know Dr. Jesse from Adam Still haven’t met him, have not been to a live seminar, I just got the Home Study Program. I, in no way shape or form, benefit from plugging Advanced BioStructural Correction™. Let me tell you the chronology of my attempts to bring spinal correction into my practice.

Started with Peirce-Stillwagon… bought all the equipment… and was really disappointed. That was an expensive proposition! Gravitated towards CBP…they had the published research…but if you look at their paper on curve correction they treated their patients EVERY day for something like six weeks (including weekends)…this was disappointing because I don’t practice every day and their is no way my patients are going to commit to this type of schedule. AND, you needed to buy all their special equipment $$$$thousands.

Then I checked out Pettibon…he has head weighting and wobble chair rehab which were really cool advances in spinal correction…he claims that he can create a major correction in cervical curve in about a month…and sometimes he can — but not consistently. You can too — sometimes, IF YOU BUY ALL THE SPECIAL EQUIPMENT! However, significant curve correction in a month I feel is well worth it.

The Pettibon procedures did seem to offer relatively quick changes.  Then along comes ABC™ claiming immediate post-adjustment changes. And, it does.

AND… unlike PST, CBP and Pettibon… There is definitely a WOW factor when a patient’s resting posture is slumped and 30 seconds later their resting posture is not slumped.

It is worth the phone call and frankly I would like to hear feedback from you guys after you have tried it. If there was a major investment I would not be plugging the technique on this site. But since you can get a taste of the technique for a phone call…if it doesn’t work for you…you probably won’t be out in front of my office with pitch forks and torches.

Dr. George Kukurin, Pittsburgh, PA (now in Arizona)


Talk and symptom relief are nice. Even the postural changes are nice but what I want is measurable changes in scoliosis on a consistent basis. With ABC™ that’s what you absolutely can and actually will be I took my office assistant’s scoliosis from 35 degrees to 25 degrees in a few months. I was surprised because this was a very persistent upper thoracic scoliosis that nothing else had changed in decades.

What everyone is talking about doing I actually am doing right now with ABC™!!

Dr. Carl


Advanced BioStructural Correction™ answered all the questions that were left unanswered in school about biomechanics and how it really works. ABC™ is easy to learn and makes chiropractic work with every patient. Dr. Mike K.


I got the ABC™ at-home seminar part I and learned it in less than a week. It worked so well I had my associate learn it and use it on me.

I think it’s the only reason I will be able to keep practicing. I had tried everything else and was in too much pain and was going to give up. Now I feel great and am buying part II so I can really understand it all. It really does answer all those questions you had since school.

Dr. Saunders


I didn’t really believe this when I first saw it either. I do now! Consistent, predictable results with every patient. No exceptions. Everything promised is delivered. Get the at-home seminar today. Dr. Moore 937-294-2828


Responses:  This one is on the consistent results and CERTAINTY the doc now has in practice.

Happy to reply. Here are my thoughts.

I’m pretty new at ABC™, been working with it about 6 months.

I used to do Thompson and diversified. Inconsistent and unpredictable results (for me, anyways). I realized that if I am going to do objective tests and recommend a course of care, then I better deliver on those changes at the re-exam. And I wasn’t consistently delivering the results I was promising. That left me uncomfortable and anxious with patients… not sure if it was all going to ‘work out’.

SO, I talked to Dr. Jutkowitz. He taught me the First Rib Maneuver™ (over the phone). It worked on my body — it never was okay with me that my shoulders rolled forward and my body slumped. He encouraged me to test it on others before my regular adjusting and then after. The results were as he said they would be — patients’ bodies popped upright and much of my other adjusting made them slump if I did it after the First Rib Maneuver™ had popped them upright. So I bought the home study course and started. I didn’t really get committed to it until after the live seminar because I was a little bit leery about believing what Dr. Jutkowitz said would happen.

Well, it does happen, and it happens just like he says it does.

Applying Advanced BioStructural Correction™ fully on my patients, I started to regularly see ‘miracles’ in the practice, fibromyalgia clearing up, etc. THAT is when I made the move to just doing ABC™ on all my new patients from that point forward, and slowly converting the rest of the practice over.

Certainty. YES, I sure am. EVERYTHING that Jesse has said about ABC™ has turned out to be true. So, when I recommend X visits over X weeks, I am CERTAIN that I am going to deliver the goods. No more anxiousness or worry at re- exams. And because of that certainty, my confidence has gone way up. I just shoot straight on how things are in the office and what people can expect. And they seem to want it because they are paying for long term correction programs and sending in their families and friends — and I am in Canada where people are a bit tight.

In my 8 years have not felt as confident about what I am doing clinically.


Welcome to ABC™,

Consistent & Predictable  says what ABC™ is.   I am not being condescending.  The results speak for them selves. All you have to do is be able to follow directions and observe physical facts while reserving opinions until you’ve tested it.  It, meaning any idea you may hold about something, like the ideas some have (I had) that nothing can consistently do what ABC™ claims to do.

I have been doing ABC™ for a long time,  I had many fixed ideas about bodies, chiropractic and the like. These ideas were things I decided were true and then stopped observing what occurred as a result of what I did with them.

I began testing and observing and discovered that the facts were not as I expected. They were different. Hell, things I was telling people would happen were not happening. Things were more like Dr. Jutkowitz said than I could believe.

The things Jesse (Dr. J) said (says on this web site) sound outrageous in light of our chiropractic education and training. But the real world for bodies anyway, it is what is physically happens and can be observed.

Here are some of the results I have observed with ABC™. These may sound miraculous but it is just another  AVERAGE day in practice with ABC™.

84yoF Diagnosis: Degenerative Spinal Stenosis, constant pain for > 4 years, 6 darvacet (strong pain killing medication that makes you loopy too) per day with no reduction in Symptoms.  Immediately much relief.  6 ABC™ corrections later, 96% pain reduction.  Restored pain free Range Of Motion of the Cervical, Thoracic, and lumbar spine,   Pt could sleep without pain.  No longer taking medications.

50 year old male Diagnosed with Herniated L5 disc.  Prepped for surgery,  pleaded with surgeon, did not consent to surgery,  was given an injection of lidocaine into disc area.  Checked out of Hospital drove 1 hr to my clinic.  After first correction was 100% pain free while standing.  Sitting still caused some pain.   After second ABC™ correction   Could sit pain free.

52 year old male self-employed painter  DX  herniated L4 disc in auto accident 14 years prior.  Previous treatment;  orthopedic recommended surgery 13 years ago.  Person did not comply,  Physical Therapy for 6 months some relief,  Chiropractic some relief,  3 different Chiros over 14 years averaging 1x/week treatment (yes, for 14 years).  Progressively becoming more disabled each year.

Could not lay on back, bend over to put on shoes or pick anything up. 10/10 on pain scale.  After 1st ABC™ said “what the hell have they (other Chiros) been doing?”  He could immediately bend over to put his shoes on, lay on his back and picked up a 20lb weight off the floor.   3/10 on pain scale.

This is why you don’t see a lot of posts on the subject of what to do with problem patients. You fix them so consistently and so quickly,  it’s when ABC™ practitioners don’t get these results that we post to see what we are or are not doing correctly.

If you are not experiencing results like these everyday in your practice, I do not know why you are hesitant to learn ABC™. At the very least get treated by someone competently doing ABC™ (not some hack who thinks he knows better and alters things as I did for a while) and experience the results for your self.
In Health,
Guy Anderson DC


I’ve been doing ABC™ for about 5 years now.  Measurable, consistent and predictable all the way…only time it fails…either the doctor didn’t do it right or the patient specifically did things to make themselves worse.

My story (in brief)…L5 disc herniation in ’86…was supposed to but could not row in the Olympics… Chiropractic helped get me to the USMC…screwed my body up even more there…went to Chio. school to figure out how to fix my body…did diversified, Gonstead, SOT, CBP, Pettibon, Vector Point cranial, Upledger cranial-sacral, Bio-cranial…had it all done to me by the best…was able to work but not work out and certainly never able to row again…Met Dr. Jutkowitz and ABC™ about 5 years ago…long story short…

I am headed tonight to Princeton, N.J. to row in the Masters World Rowing Championships where I will race in 5 races.  I could not have even thought of doing this even 3 years ago after 2 years of ABC™…but your body really does Unwind as Dr. Jutkowitz says it will and I am well able to now. (Type “unwinding” into the search box below.)

I teach my patients…”With ABC™, there are no unrealistic health goals…only unrealistic time lines.”

This is what ABC™ has done for me personally…what I am able to do for my patients is “magic” in their minds.        Pete

Dr. Pete Hilgartner
Hilgartner Chiropractic Clinic, P.C.
102 Dry Mill Rd., Suite 102
Leesburg, VA 20175