Advanced ABC™ Seminar

In this high powered two-day seminar, you will get a deeper level understanding of the technique, greater mastery and expertise at a more advanced level. There is plenty of opportunity to discuss, address and solve more challenging cases along with one-on-one coaching and tips designed to increase your personal skills.

Who should attend?

This in-depth seminar is for all practitioners who want to advance their skill and expertise.  Prerequisites are the practitioner must have studied the ABC™ Core Curriculum Program, have attended at least two Basic Seminars and have minimally 6 months (preferably 1 year) of application of ABC™.

Included in the Advanced ABC™ Seminar:

  • You will improve your observation skills and develop a better ability to “read” bodies.
  • You will have personal hands-on training one-on-one with Dr. Jutkowitz.
  • You will have extensive opportunities for Q & A and round table discussion with other practitioners.
  • You will have opportunity to bring troublesome patients to be treated under the supervision of Dr. Jutkowitz.
  • You will receive the latest updated technical developments.
  • You will hear case studies as well as highlights from past ABC™ information filled events.
  • You will learn how to deal with tough cases and specific body types.
  • You will learn the subtleties of application that lead to your developing a much expanded skill set and greater expertise.
  • You will get the opportunity to be treated yourself many times by experienced practitioners.

Hear From Others:

“Not just promises, this seminar really delivered. This seminar was a great opportunity to refine my own ABC™ skills. The one-on-one time is priceless. We went over basic procedures with a fine tooth comb for maximum patient comfort AND effectiveness. We also learned to see the things that Jesse sees (things that make you go hmm, what??) and learning how to deal with different body types (hyperkyphosis, heavier people, kids) was great. All in all, this seminar had an incredible personal touch. Not just promises, this seminar really delivered. It was designed to make all who attended a refined, perfected, well-oiled ABC™ adjusting machine!”
Dr. Brigitte Bruneau, KS

“The Advanced Seminar rocked! I can’t believe how much I learned during this course. It opened my eyes to a whole new line of thinking. The Advanced Seminar teaches you the subtle aspects of ABC™. I can’t tell you how many “ah ha” moments I had during the two day course. Two days of watching other participants and myself run through the whole protocol from start to finish with experienced eyes offering suggestions and tips is priceless. I can’t believe the things I was doing right and the things I was doing, well, not so right. I also gained a lot just by getting adjusted by Jesse at the seminar. As I was being worked on he told me what he was doing and the subtleties that lead to a great adjustment. I highly suggest getting to an Advanced Seminar ASAP. I wish I would have done it sooner. Thanks Jesse.”
Dr. Jeff Aberle, WI