What about Fibromyalgia, arthritis and other so-called diseases and Advanced BioStructural Correction™?

Many people think Fibromyalgia is a mystery. It is not. First is to understand that doctors have a habit of naming effects they observe on bodies in Latin and then calling the name of the observations a “disease”. It is silly because it does not note a cause of the effects and does not lead to being able to handle or correct what is causing the effects.

Fibromyalgia and arthritis are two good examples. Fibro- is Latin for fibers. -myo is Latin for muscles. -algia is Latin for pain. When someone says you have Fibromyalgia all they are saying is that your muscle fibers are painful to you. They might as well call it “muscle pains” in English. The question is WHY DO YOUR MUSCLES HURT?

If you think chemically as medical docs do, it is a big mystery (this is not to put down medicine in general the discoveries of what antibiotics could do changed more things on Earth than you might imagine). But not everything is chemistry.

One of the things that happen to bodies is that they get parts stuck in positions they cannot get them out of. An example is in the spine. If you look at the anatomy of the body (how the body is put together), you will notice that muscles attach to bones and pull on them. That might seem elementary but some people have the idea that muscles can push — they cannot. Muscles only pull. The way you seem to push is by pulling on a bone designed as a lever. An example is the arm. The way you put your arm out in front of your body is to pull on the upper arm at the shoulder (which raises it out from your body) and then you pull on the back of your elbow (which straightens the arm).

The reason I bring this point is up to explain how bones in your spine (spinal bones = vertebrae — vert-a-bray) move out of position in a direction your body cannot correct on its own. This is covered more completely in the article How your body untwists through old injuries (if treated properly). but briefly here. If you check the muscle attachments on your vertebrae (spinal bones) you will find you have muscles that attach from the sides of the vertebrae to the pelvis and ribs which are more to the side of the body than the vertebrae.

This means that if a vertebra moves out of position to the side the muscles from the other side can pull it back into place. So a vertebra moving out of place sideways is no big deal — your body can self-correct that.

If you check the front of the vertebrae, you have muscles that attach from the front of the vertebrae to something in front of the vertebrae. They go from the vertebrae to the front of the pelvis and from the vertebrae to the front of the rib cage. So, if a vertebra displaces backwards it is no big deal, your body has muscles that can pull forward and reposition it.

If a vertebra in the spine slips out of place in the forward direction you have no muscle or muscles that can pull it backward.

You can lean your body backward — and have to, or you will fall over. But, if a vertebra gets stuck forward, there is no way your body can pull it backward to reposition it. This is THE thing that leads to many problems in your body.


It is not that the vertebra get pulled backward it is that they are tilted or rotated backward. The result is your body leans backward from that point up and has to work to keep its balance.

You will notice that even in that last picture the middle vertebra is still stuck forward though the body is tilted backward and stays upright. It is not well balanced with one vertebra tilting one way and others tilting another way, but it is upright.

If your body is able to tilt and twist so most of the mechanical stress is on the bones and not on the muscles, the extra mechanical stress begins to wear the bones at the joints and you get inflamed and degenerating joints which can be painful or not depending upon how the body shifts and compensates. ARTHR- = joint, -ITIS = inflamed there you have the basis for ARTHRITIS which is otherwise known as degenerative joint disease.

It is not a disease. It is an effect of the body not being able to self-correct certain misaligned bones — actually when it is that bad you can bet it is many sets of misaligned bone-compensation complexes.

Can it be that simple? Yes. Why has nothing worked to correct this before? Those are all answered here. See the testimonial (one of thousands from Advanced BioStructural Correction™ practitioners around the world.

As the article How your body untwists through old injuries (if treated properly) shows you and explains how, when you get treated properly, your body untwists backward through your sets of old injury-compensation complexes and then heals.

One patient treated by an associate of mine who had improved immediately, suddenly noticed she was getting a bad pain in her side. It took about a week for her body to untwist though it. One day she grabbed me in the hall told me that she remembered when she first had that pain. Her dad used to pull her by the arm when she was little and she remembered one time when he pulled and it hurt.

The reason the woman was so excited was that she had also had asthma since she was in about 5th grade — just after the time her dad pulled on her arm — and it just disappeared over after the last visit when she had her Advanced BioStructural Correction™. She was suddenly able to breathe fully and had no congestion whatsoever.

Her asthma was from a mechanical problem with her ribs.

Stories like that are common. Here is one from a patient of chiropractor Dr. Chari Markos in Shoreline WA.


Dear Dr. Jutkowitz,

This letter is to attest to the Advanced BioStructural Correction™.

I am 58 years-old and have had Fibromyalgia Syndrome since childhood. In my 20’s I would have to rest during lunch and was

I have sought and used many therapies and remedies over the years, even psychotherapy because they told me it was all in my head!

At the time I started with Dr. Markos I had been getting traditional chiropractic.

After only a few weeks of the Advanced BioStructural Correction™ treatments with Dr. Markos, I experienced significant improvement in posture (fast) and incredible improvement in the muscle pain in my back, shoulders and neck. the spasms have worked out and have not returned plus I have fewer and fewer headaches. I became quite irritated when I had a headache the other day and was quite surprised when I realized I had not had one in quite some time. What I had constantly before is occasional now.

This has not been a complete miracle cure (at least not so far!).

I can say without reservation that Advanced BioStructural Correction™ is the only thing I have tried in my life that has had significant results. I recommend it for anyone with Fibromyalgia and hope your people with this disorder receive this help much earlier and thus avoid the years of pain I have had to endure.


Anne McClure