Three Day Basic Seminar

guy2This seminar includes instruction and coaching on each step of the Advanced BioStructural Correction™ Protocol. In three information-packed days, with lots of time to practice your application of the technique, you will be ready to go on Monday with a new skill set that will generate extraordinary results for your patients and your practice! We will teach you a technique that delivers solid, predictable results.

Who should attend?

This dynamic seminar is for new and returning practitioners alike. If you do not have the ABC™ Core Curriculum Program, you will have the opportunity to learn enough of ABC™ to see what is possible in your office – it’s like taking it for a test drive. However, in order for you to be licensed to use Advanced BioStructural Correction™ in your practice for more than one month following the live seminar, you will need to get the ABC™ Core Curriculum Program. It includes everything you need to know to learn and practice Advanced BioStructural Correction™, including phone and e-mail consultation with the developer of the technique, Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz. If you already are using ABC™ in your practice, this is an opportunity to advance your skills to the next level and this must-attend hands-on-training is for you. Practitioners who have been to other ABC™ seminars over the years will tell you that they are better than ever.

What you’ll learn at the Three Day Basic Seminar:

  • How to perform the entire Advanced BioStructural Correction™ protocol.
  • How to deliver on the promises many techniques in structural healthcare have claimed but not provided on a consistent and predictable basis.
  • How to communicate to your patients what they need to know to begin this revolutionary work – come and learn how to transition your patients and get more referrals than ever.
  • For experienced ABC™ practitioners you’ll have ample opportunity to fine tune your skills, get one-on-one coaching to polish your technique, specific answers to questions and more.

Hear From Others:

“Dr. Jutkowitz is the best instructor I have ever had at a seminar.”
Dr. Paul Bogosian, PA

“I’m getting the best results of my life in chiropractic since I took the live seminar three months ago and my practice is up.”
Dr. Peter Bauer, GA

“Without a doubt this seminar helped the process of fine-tuning my ABC technique (and also correcting bad habits) in order to better serve my patients. The amount of extra tips I picked up, in what to notice in my patients before, during and after their adjustments, was invaluable. They now notice the changes and refer their relatives and friends so my practice is up!”
Dr. Julie Reynolds, Scotland

“I first attended a live seminar in January 2006 and continued to use what I learned while studying the ABC™ Core Curriculum Program. I was getting pretty good and sometimes phenomenal results with folks. In April 2009 I attended another live seminar. I discovered that I had this technique down fairly well, but that some releases and adjustments needed a dose of tuning. Since that live seminar, I have had better results then ever and better compliance with treatment plans because patients see changes better and faster. In short, we all need regular time with our coaches (in anything, for that matter). And, as a much needed added benefit, you get adjusted by Dr. J! I’m looking forward to more live seminars in the Bay area.”
Dr. Seth Lueders, CA

“This work is what everyone is looking for. Your patients will notice the changes and refer their relatives and friends increasing your practice.”
Dr. Pierre Gremaud, NY

Many experienced ABC™ practitioners who have taken this seminar for the first time in years, say the basic seminar is better than ever and they highly recommend it to new and returning ABC™ Practitioners.