Technical Skills Coaching & Theory Seminar

The Technical Skills Coaching & Theory Seminar (TS) is a seminar introduced to ensure the very highest level of accuracy in the application of Advanced BioStructural Correction™.

The usual schedule for this two-day seminar is from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on both days. If any different circumstance altered the schedule, this would be made known ahead of time.     An abbreviated version for a small group could be done in one day.

The Technical Skills Coaching and Theory seminar agenda includes a large emphasis on instructor coaching of the participant’s practical skill set, along with a practical assessment for certification levels at the end of the seminar.  The seminar will also include a review of recently issued technical bulletin updates and new technical breakthroughs and where applicable a demonstration of them. This seminar may also examine specific ABC™ theory as it relates to practical application and gives the opportunity for a question and answer period on advanced subjects individually selected.


Who May Attend a Technical Skills Seminar 

     This seminar is not meant to be taken by beginners who are just starting to learn the ABC™ protocol.  The Basic Seminar (BS) is designed for that purpose, as well as to bring a new practitioner up to a certain point of confidence and level of expertise in application. The intent of this seminar is to take that expertise already learned from Basic Seminars and to improve it further to a new higher level.  For this seminar, it is expected that the attendees are already quite familiar with the theories and practices of ABC™ and know well how to perform the protocol and have had experience in its application. Therefore the pre-requisites for attending are:

  • Enrolled in the ABC™ Core Curriculum Program
  • Attended minimally 2 Basic Seminars  (preferably 3)
  • Level 1 certification


Technical Bulletin Annual Updates

    Should Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz deem it necessary to make any changes or additions to the current treatment protocol, or develop better ways of teaching a protocol step, then these changes will be introduced at this (TS) seminar.  For this reason, Instructor’s who teach the Technical Skills Seminar will need to have studied all the past year’s Technical Bulletin Updates before the seminar and they will need to bring all Technical Bulletin Updates from the previous year with them to the seminar. The instructor is to make sure he covers each new or revised technical point and where applicable demonstrates each new technical update procedural point. The instructor should advise his attendees beforehand verbally and/or in the confirmation letter to ensure they have read all the latest Technical Bulletins and that they should bring their Tech Bulletin Updates binder with them to the seminar.


Advanced ABC™ Subjects

    Two (2) lists of Advanced ABC™ Subjects have been compiled. Technical Skills seminars are to be designed for Level 1 or above (meaning anyone who has a Level 1 or higher certification level may attend) or for Level 2 and above only (meaning the practitioner must be minimally Level 2 certified to attend.)

The appropriate list of Advanced ABC™ Subjects is then used at the designated Technical Skills Seminar for Level 1 or 2.  Two copies of the Advanced ABC™ Subjects will be passed out to each seminar attendee. The instructor will have the seminar attendees fill in both copies of the Advanced ABC™ Subjects to indicate which subjects they are interested in learning more about. One copy is to be kept by the attendee while the other copy is given to the Instructor.  The Instructor then has a question and answer period and addresses the subjects selected by the attendees as much as time allows.


What you will gain by attending Technical Skills Seminars

    • Have the opportunity to watch Instructors demonstrate a complete ABC™ treatment in a much slower fashion, reaffirming and talking through the specific maneuvers and salient points of reference and importance in order to complete maneuvers correctly and consistently.
    • The emphasis is on practical skills. Every attendee will run the complete protocol on another attendee, swapping and treating as many different bodies as is practical. Continue to be observed and corrected where necessary by instructor(s).
    • Review together the ABC™ protocol sheet and receive personal hands-on training one to one with a highly qualified instructor.
    • Have your ABC™ practical skill set fully critiqued and corrected as necessary.
  • Increase your knowledge & understanding of ABC™ theory
  • Get updated on the latest breakthroughs and technical news.
  • Have the opportunity to get specific advanced subjects addressed that you select in a question and answer period.
  • Provide you with the confidence and certainty to manage all the cases that you will be seeing in your clinic.
  • Towards end of the seminar day, Instructor to assess, consider and certify an attendee for his/her current Level of Certification in ABC™.

                                           updated 7.13.22