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Dr. Jutkowitz is not known for being quiet or shy. He is known as a strictly practical person who can accomplish what he promises and can teach others to do it too. Dr. Jutkowitz is a man who does not believe much but what can be physically demonstrated. Fancy theories about bones or spines might be nice but Dr. J’s favorite quote is that old one from engineering where people have to take what physicists theorize and apply it to the real world: The greatest tragedy in science is when a beautiful theory is slain by an ugly fact.

If you have been a doctor, or even a patient, for more than a year, you have heard many theories that did not lead to a treatment that worked. You can ignore those theories and know they are not true for that very reason.

As docs applying Advanced BioStructural Correction™ exactly as it is presented without adding to it or taking anything away, we have found ABC™ works as presented on every structural problem walking in the door except fractures or gross malformations of some type. Dr. Jutkowitz is serious about what he says and can deliver on it.

If you are a doctor in structural healthcare we urge you to get the ABC™ Core Curriculum Training Program, learn it and find out for yourself that structural healthcare and chiropractic does work exactly as it has promised to work in correcting bodies when it is done exactly as the body needs.

Read the articles, case studies, success stories and view the pre and post pictures and films on this site. They tell an accurate story.
After reading a bit call Dr. J to learn and do the first rib maneuver. You will find out for yourself that ABC™ performs as chiropractic has always promised it could perform — on every patient walking in your door. Join us in getting the ABC™ Core Curriculum Training Program and finally getting the consistent and predictable results you have always wanted for your patients.

Many of us held to and believed the thought that no one would find the key to correcting every body structure because it was too complicated and no one had. That was before we heard of, experimented with ABC™ for ourselves and found that Dr. Jutkowitz did find the basics on which everything else hangs. As with every other science, when the basics are found things are more simple – not more complex. We also found, as Dr. Jutkowitz told us, ABC™ — done exactly as the tapes and manuals instruct — will correct every person walking in your door with a structural problem.

Have a question and want to call someone besides Dr. Jutkowitz?
Know that our purpose is to get every doctor able to correct every patient walking in the door.

Dr. Pete Ryan – Anchorage, Alaska / (907) 222-2110
Dr. Todd Simpson – Brea, California / (714) 255-9494
Dr. Pierre Gremaud – Ithaca, NY / (607) 277-2570
Dr. Scott Simerman – Mamaroneck, New York (914) 381-4777
Drs. Dave Hofer & Brigitte Bruneau  – Kansas City, Kansas / (913) 334 8080
Dr. Peter Hilgartner – Leesburg, Virginia / (703) 777-8891
Dr. Todd Carmer – Eagle, Colorado / (970) 328-2225
Dr. Shawn Eckley – Madison, Tennessee / (615) 868-3000
Dr. Dom Fazzari – New York, New York / (212) 682-4311
Dr. Guy Anderson – Fergus Falls, Minnesota / (218) 736-7547
Dr. David Cheetham – Haddon Heights, New Jersey / (856) 547-2965
Drs. Rusty and Lynn Cross – Hixson, Tennessee / (423) 875-3800
Dr. Jerry Porter (Former CBP™ Instructor) – Spokane, Washington / (509) 535-1530
Dr. Howard Hull – Overland Park, Kansas / (913) 888-6789
Dr. Jeff Aberle – Madison, WI / (608) 277-1975

And always feel free to call Dr. Jutkowitz directly. He is dedicated to getting this structural healthcare to be as effective as it can be.

Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz
Institute for Advanced BioStructural Correction™
340 Fairmount Terrace
Fairfield, CT  06825