On Being an Authority

This short article is actually humorous for me to write seeing that I am now considered by many an authority. So, the first thing is to define an authority.

It quite astonished me on first looking up the word “authority” (from this new viewpoint as being one) that most of the definitions in an unabridged dictionary had to do with power: the right power to command, etc. It was astonishing until I got to, “the power derived from opinion, respect or esteem”. This is a definition I can live with.

The word “authority” is derived from author, someone who creates or writes things. The implication is that one who creates or writes has the position of power over it. That may be so, but I prefer to have people discover things for themselves rather than just follow me or anyone else blindly.

There are too many authorities who are not experts in their fields. I can already hear many of you asking how expert is defined. Though “expert” is derived from the word experience which is from experiment or put to the test, the first definition of “expert” in many dictionaries is often one who is well trained in some field.

This is different from the accurate definition of “expert” which is one who has much experience and is skillful in a field or area. Note that it says has experience AND is skillful. It is not one OR the other, it is AND: Skillful AND experienced. The difference is that a person who has much knowledge of something might not be skillful about actually doing it or being able to instruct others in how to do it. They also might or might not have enough experience to notice that what they are dealing with is not necessarily a “textbook situation”.

This is an interesting situation because it can lead to two very bad situations. One is when a person is considered an authority because they have studied a great deal and then written their own books on the situation. They call these people experts though they have no success accomplishing their stated goals. This often occurs when the person has no actual experience. Thus you get the funky theories on how the mind works by people only interested in chemistry who have never actually successfully worked to improve someone’s mind function. (Ever see anything as useless a psychiatrist? They don’t even try to help people any longer they just drug people senseless.)

The other situation is when a person has much experience but cannot accomplish what he or she is attempting to accomplish. Sometimes they then turn and attack their field because they think it must be bad if they cannot make it work. This occurs in the field of medicine and structural healing. There are many theories out there about how the body works and what you can do to fix a body not working correctly. None of them give consistent predictable results. In the structural healing field you now see some “experts” saying drugs are necessary though they do nothing to improve function. Therefore they are missing something.

You need to be careful of those who claim to be an authority in some field. Self proclaimed authorities often say things that work out to: “This is the way it is and you need not look further. I have spoken.”

That is how Western culture got stuck in the dark ages for a few centuries. Some people in the Catholic church decided they were doing the right thing and that they were the authorities (by force if no other way). Anyone who actually looked at the physical world they lived in, noticed it was different than what the “AUTHORITIES” said and were willing to write about it were jailed or murdered.

One of my favorites is what Galileo was reported to have said as they took him away after the inquisition into his writings found him guilty of heresy — it was something like, That doesn’t change anything, the earth still goes around the sun.

My point in introducing Advanced BioStructural Correction™ is not to do anything other than show things you can test and use and find true for yourself. Take a look at the article, On Doing Research, What Most Researchers Have Missed. It covers some basics about what a WRONG WHY is in easily understood terms. Then read through the rest of the articles. There is no fluff there. It is all hard factual data you can test and discover for yourself.

Do not be adversely affected by some person saying that they have tested something and you need not look. This is the route to blind ineffectiveness. Take a look and test things for yourself. You will find you are not so stupid as you have been led to think by these so-called “authorities”.

Don’t believe me too much either until after you have tested for yourself. At that point you will not have to believe me — you will know for yourself that what I am saying here matches with the physical universe.