New Upgraded Materials- the ABC™ Core Curriculum Program

A Note from Dr. Jutkowitz regarding the NEW upgraded materials:

In 2010 we released revised and updated ABC™ Instructional Manuals I and II.  The new manuals are written in a very clear manner, which makes it easier for you, the practitioners using ABC™, to duplicate the procedures of ABC™ and consequently, to get the consistent and predictable results that you hear about and often see written about on the ABC™ practitioner forum.

This is no small thing.  As well as new practitioners learning ABC™ for the first time, some of the practitioners who have been successfully using ABC™ for years have gotten copies of the new manuals and checklist (of which materials to study in which order).  The previous practitioners have all called us to complement the new materials.  Many of them said that they had points cleared up that they had never fully understood before and it made it easier to apply ABC™ to their patients.  Additionally the new practitioners have found the materials and the checklist for learning those materials excellent and have been up and running with ABC™ faster and better than we have ever had practitioners up and running before.

The new manuals were the first completed step in a program being implemented to expand the use of ABC™ greatly.  Both manuals are entirely re-organized with additional information although there have been no substantive changes to the technique.   Manual I contains two sections, the first one has the protocol theory and the second section has each step of the protocol described with explicit instructions, diagrams and pictures.  The audio presentation of the theory was revamped, new slides were included (previously only seen during live seminars) and more than two-thirds of Breig’s Adverse Mechanical Tension in the Central Nervous System is included in Manual II along with a bit of his follow-up book Skull Traction and Cervical Cord Injury.  Manual II now includes a glossary, a reference booklet that is the companion to the audio CDs, a bibliography, case histories, testimonials and contact information.

The manuals themselves are amazingly clear and the first hand data from Breig will bring you new understanding of what is occurring in bodies when you fix them.

In addition to the updated course manuals we have redone the Protocol Instructional DVD as well.  It is completely new and is now straightforward and absolutely clear.  It’s a fantastic teaching aid and quick in-office reference that you can use to compare a video of you doing the protocol to me doing it to get it just right.

Practitioners have told us that getting and studying the new Protocol DVD has improved their application of ABC™ exponentially.

The new ABC™ Core Curriculum Training Program is vastly improved, updated and expanded and we want to make it as easy as we possibly can for you to take advantage of this to get the new materials.

The new manuals are being offered at our production/administration cost for those of you who already own the ABC™ Core Curriculum (formerly called the home seminar, no matter when you bought it).

Cost of Upgrades

2010 Edition Manuals – $150 (for practitoners who purchased their Home Study Seminar – now called the Core Curriculum Training Program – prior to 2010)

Instructional CDs – free bonus with purchase of Manual Upgrade

2012 Edition Protocol DVD* – $150 (includes latest, current technical bulletins)  (*Please note the latest videos now available are those found in the ABC™ online program released in 2020)

Full Upgrade Package – $300 (includes all of the above plus two Sit Sleep Stand DVDs, one instructional DVD for practitioners and one demo DVD for patients)

If you are a former Home Study Seminar owner and have not gotten these new upgraded materials yet, do so today – they are a must have tool for your practice.  And when you get them, let me know what you think.


Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz