Axioms of ABC™

AXIOMS OF Advanced BioStructural Correction™

Like you, I started out wondering how I could do better for my patients. I had/have a practical engineering background, even before being a doctor, so I’m a bit unreasonable about accepting explanations for things that do not make sense physically — meaning I cannot use the information to create the result someone claims can be made.   (I didn’t study engineering afterward to prove some theory I made up or liked.)

Anything taught in Advanced BioStructural Correction™ is easily demonstrated and testable BY YOU with simple experiments right in your office or practice or even on your spouse and kids. I started by observing that I could get miracle results on one person with back pain, neck pain, headaches, and even organic problems of some sorts, BUT I could not consistently get those results on everyone walking in the door and I could not predict which cases would get better in which not.  Very annoying — especially to an engineer.

I went to all the structural correction and other types of techniques seminars and even acupuncture ( I was the first in chiro CT doing needle acupuncture). When I could not consistently and predictably get the results in my office that the teaching doctors advertised, I flew out to theirs. It turns out they either could not get them consistently or worse, they were not doing what they taught – adding a little this here or a little that there. Dr. Gonstead was famous for telling those who asked why he did something not taught in his method seminars that you have to treat the person in front of you, not the x-rays. Dr. Pettibon has told me on the phone that everyone steals from everyone else in the technique game and there is no one that will ever find the answer.

If you look at the problem as an engineer who has to work in the physical world with objectively observable materials, you can come up with the fact that the results are possible.

This is an objective observation because you sometimes get those fantastic results now, but not always with conditions that seem to be the same — i.e., they have the same symptoms or outward signs.

Why do “the same” conditions not respond to the same treatments? The only valid statement you can make with the objective observations available is that there are factors creating the condition that are different from the ones being addressed. They have been unknown and only addressed by accident until now.

The basic point is that there were other factors unknown to anyone, until now.

In Advanced BioStructural Correction™ those factors have been found. As a result, you will consistently and predictably correct bodies and have body conditions not related to cancer, infections, fractures, diabetes and the like vanish.

How were they found and how does it work? Read on:

Knowing there were unknown factors, I set out to find them. You find factors by more observations, not fewer. I say this because when chiropractic, osteopathic and other researchers of the 1960’s and 70’s tried to prove chiropractic, osteopathic and the whole basis of structural health care, they could not come up with the answers.

They were dedicated and worked hard but because they misunderstood basic engineering concepts, and vastly underestimated the mechanical complexity of the body, their attempts to find answers only led them to the conclusion that what they observed happening on x-ray was as unpredictable. A silly conclusion compared to the one that there were other factors not understood, but they did not seem to understand basis engineering so that is the one they came up with.

At that point, political chiropractors decided to outlaw full spine x-ray because it seemed to indicate they were wrong about the fact that structural health care working, in their case chiropractic. That was supremely Dumb. What they were wrong about is HOW structural correction  worked to get the fantastic results it did. For some reason, these doctors decided that hiding the whole issue would be better than just saying, we haven’t figured out how it works at but all the clients know it works, because we get the results many times. Seems silly, but it is what they did — and these are still the leaders and their views today.

I searched for other factors using standing and sitting full spine AP and lateral films and measuring just about everything. (One case illustrating how revealing that is, is on this web site under case studies.) After trying and discarding over 80 theories — because if they were true, most of the patients could not exist. (These theories include current chiropractic, osteopathic, and other manipulative techniques taught in various disciplines of structural health care. The failings are apparent in the inconsistency and unpredictability of result and quantified easily when measured against full spine standing and sitting films.)

I stopped making theories and started to just observe. Several things became evident immediately (unfortunately, “immediately” took quite some time to get to while I checked the things that everyone including me thought were “obvious” and even now currently taught – but that did not and do not work to correct body structures consistently).

These things are so readily observable, they are axioms. Remember that an axiom is an established rule or principle or a self-evident truth. These are self-evident because anyone can observe them occurring in the physical universe, not because I say so.

The first AXIOM is:

The body is not a TOTALLY self-correcting thing or machine but

can self-correct many of its mechanical and other pathologies.

(Self-evident by observation – things go wrong with bodies that they do self-correct and that they do not self-correct. Therefore, bodies are partially self-correcting but not totally self-correcting.)

It astonished me that the first of these axioms met with opposition from doctors and even theologians.

The objections were things like, God made the body; the body is the most perfect construct in the universe and therefore works perfectly (obviously not since people get sick); and the like.  I did not know who or what designed and made human bodies, but the following is obvious: Who or whatever made human bodies did a good job but either on purpose or accidentally — which is not topic for this time and place — human bodies were made cannot be totally self-correcting (otherwise we would not need doctors).

Obvious as this seems, many it is a new thought. Human bodies are designed to be self-correcting in many facets and ways — just like a car is partially self-correcting; it can correct for temperature and other changes in the environment like smoothing out the ride on a bumpy road, but not for a hole in a tire. Human bodies are also not totally self-correcting. Certain things happen that lead to bodies breaking down.  This is not to say that we are bodies.  I do not think WE are bodies but they are physical objects we use in this world. That is another discussion for some other time.  However, we do use bodies and they do have mechanical breakdowns that can be corrected consistently and predictably just like with cars. Advanced BioStructural Correction™ will teach you how to do it.

Given past failures to help bodies, this may be the first time you are hearing that bodies can consistently be corrected with any hope that it is true. Follow along, and you will see not only that it is true but that you can understand it.

This leads to axiom 2:

Health of a body is defined as a body working optimally on a mechanical basis — even the chemistry comes down to mechanics if you look at it from a small enough viewpoint – shapes of molecules and atoms fitting together. (Self-evident by observation.)

Another thing that seems obvious, but some have difficulty with it. As stated above, we are not bodies, but we do use bodies. In Advanced BioStructural Correction™ we are only concerned with correcting the mechanics of bodies so they work well and are thus physically healthy. Spiritual health, etc. is another discussion for some time and place. Given that bodies are a chemical and mechanical machine, the above axiom is readily observable. That is why that is why there are records of people recovering from just about everything when a body’s mechanics are corrected. And, this is not just in massage chiropractic or osteopathy. These records go back to ancient times and structural treatments.

That axiom leads to the next:

To keep bodies healthy or get bodies healthy one must make sure that the things the body cannot self-correct are corrected by some outside agency.  (By definition — if bodies cannot self-correct something else must correct them.)

Forget trying to have the body correct itself. The thing that is wrong with the body is that there are things it cannot self-correct.

Immediately evident from AXIOM 3 is that any method of structurally correcting the human body that tries to get the body to self-correct by strengthening muscles, reshaping ligaments or the like, can immediately be dismissed.  Strengthening muscles will help human bodies COMPENSATE more and better, but muscles will not CORRECT the body or what is wrong with it because bones can go out of place in directions the body does not have muscles oriented to pull them back into alignment.  That muscles compensate for bones that out of place in directions the body has no muscles oriented to pull those bones back into alignment is why some people need to work out to be healthy and some hurt themselves working out and others manage find just the normal activities enough to keep them well. Those who NEED to workout to maintain health are working to compensate for bones out of place that the body cannot pull back into position because it has no muscles oriented to pull in the directions needed.

This is the next axiom:

Regarding what the body cannot self-correct: On the grossest scale, what the body cannot self-correct are bones out of optimal mechanical position in a direction the body has no muscle or combination of muscles that can pull in the direction needed to retrieve and replace the bone into its position of optimal mechanical advantage for the body.

(This is not a theory. This is an objective observation
of anatomy/physiology and is thus self-evident.)

There is really nothing else to say about that. Regarding the spine: If a vertebra (for those who are not docs, ver ta bra is latin for a spinal bone) moves out of place left, there are muscles there that can pull the bone back into its correct position (many times they don’t but that is covered below under compensations). Likewise, if a vertebra goes out of place to the right there are muscles physically present that can pull the bone left to its proper position. If a vertebra goes out of place posterior, there are muscles — psoas down low, diaphragm mid and others above – that can pull the vertebrae anterior. YOU CAN TEST THIS FOR YOURSELF RIGHT NOW. If someone tells you something is so, and you cannot test it for yourself on your body or another’s body, don’t believe it. If it is physically true, you can test it on the next patient in the door or yourself or it is false.

  • Muscles that pull forward - Click to View
    Advanced BioStructural Correction™
    Experiment to demonstrate muscles pulling vertebrae anterior (toward the front of the body:
    • The pulling of the Psoas muscles in the lumbar spine. Sit in a normal chair. Note the Psoas muscles attach from the inside of the thighs (on the femur) and on the lumbar vertebrae (sometimes on the pelvis too). Stand up normally and note the pull of those muscles on the spine which pulls the lumbar vertebrae anterior (forward).
    • The pulling of the diaphragm on spinal bones from the upper lumbars to the midthoracics (attachment varies a bit from person to person). Notice that the diaphragm attaches to the ribs in front and the spine in back. Feel the spinal bones as you breathe out, pinch your nose shut, close your mouth and try to breathe in. You will notice the diaphragm pulls the back toward the front of the rib cage.
    • Muscles above that point pulling the rest of the vertebra forward if they are displaced backward. Standing upright: Put a hand on your forehead and flex your head or neck or both forward against resistance supplied by your hand. As you go through the range of motion you will notice the various vertebrae in your neck and upper thoracic spine being pulled forward toward each other as the neck and head get farther and farther out in front of the trunk of your body.
An example: If a vertebra moves out of place anterior – and you can forget those who think it cannot by doing the test of having someone breathe in and out a few times and then do a hard P-to-A adjustment in the thoracics. Very few will breathe better afterward. Most will breathe less deeply because of the anterior just created. Anyway, if a vertebra moves anterior, there are no muscles that attach from the vertebra to something behind it. Therefore, nothing can pull it posterior. Your body can rotate it in the saggital plane and extend the vertebra leaning it into extension and compensating for the anterior but the body cannot self-correct it. (For complete data on this continue reading the article on Mechanisms.)

That brings us to the last axiom:

Regarding treatment of a body: Doctors should only correct

things that the body cannot self-correct.

By definition, the body will self-correct the rest — which are either bones out of place as compensations, shifting the body’s weight off what it cannot correct or bones constantly pushed out of place by the forces created by the bones out of place in a direction the body cannot self-correct.


As for which bones go out of place in directions the body does not have muscles pulling in the direction needed, and how to correct them: That is what makes Advanced BioStructural Correction™ so valuable.

Using Advanced BioStructural Correction™ you will find the bones out of place that the body cannot self-correct or self-realign and consistently correct everybody that walks in the door with a mechanical problem not connected to cancer, infections, fractures and the like.

Doctors can test these axioms by calling 203 366-2746 to learn the First Rib Maneuver™  and can test other techniques of correcting body structure against these axioms and find where those techniques fall down. I say this not to make them wrong or promote ABC™, but to give an objective basis to evaluate the various methodologies.

Our goal in ABC™ is to have doctors be able to correct every body that walks in the door with the structural problem not connected to cancer, infections, fractures, and like.  You can do with ABC™, but it probably is not real to you so call, learn the first rib maneuver and get some reality on it.  And, call some of the doctors below and ask them.