Why Mirror Image Treatment, Exercise and Even Plain Old Manipulation Fail When They Fail

One Set of Films That Demonstrates the Problem: Lack of analysis in THREE dimensions replaced by talk of “global” treatment with no understanding of what is occurring in the spinal column.

One of the first and worst misunderstandings is that you can release or breakup meningeal adhesion’s by light pressure. It sounds nice and practitioners fall for it, but it just does not happen. That is like saying you can separate scars on your skin by light pressure; it just does not physically happen.

In the PDF below are two sets of full spine standing and sitting AP and Lateral films of the same person five months apart. Please open the PDF so you can zoom in/out and read the text next to the images. (You’ll need Adobe Reader which you probably already have, but if not here is the link.)

Click here to open a PDF File with high resolution images for printing and analysis:


This next image is also in the PDF on page 2, but I include it here so you can see it without going into the PDF.