Scoliosis Example

From Dr. Jeff Saffir, Poughkeepsie, NY (845) 485-5656

For any Advanced Biostructural Correction™  practitioner who doesn’t have reality on being able to help severe scoliosis patients with Advanced BioStructural Correction™, here is a 17 year old with problems since she was 7. She has been to 20 docs over 10 years and has had visits to the Shriner’s Hospital with no help. Patient has had surgery recommended and was given a diagnosis of “loose ligaments” at one point. She had no energy or stamina even after walking up steps and didn’t participate in any activities with her friends. Very depressed also. Total turn around in 3 visits so far. Plenty others like this but someone asked recently so I decided to post this. Some respond this quickly, others take longer.
Dr. Jeff

These pictures were the first visit at examination. Double click to get the full size pics and view that left leg turn in as well as the curves in her spine on the front view pictures. See the posture on the side view? That is with her letter her body slump.
ArianaB 001ArianaB 002

Double click these to get full size pics, print them and compare with the others — below too.


These are before and after the first treatment. Dr. Saffir neglected to take full body pictures that day.

ArianaBArianaB 003


Third visit pictures below.
Double click these to get full size pics, print them and compare with the others.

ArianaB 006ArianaB 007

Keep in mind that she is letting her body relax and slump so you see where the bone leverage is holding her body not where she can stand up with muscle power.

  • For the less observant: Left leg turn in almost gone, much less curve left to right.
  • Check the gravity line — her entire body has come back several inches.
  • The head has come way back and she is standing much straighter.
  • This is a tremendous amount of change for just three visits with the person relaxed and not working at all to hold herself upright. (Look at other method’s pictures, they are all with people working to hold themselves upright.)
  • Her activity level has come right up with her improvement in structure and she is amazed and pleased with her ability to do things she never could before.

This is after visit 5. She is wearing the same school uniform as in the third visit pictures so it is easy to do a comparison. Double click or right click on the pictures and open in another window and do the same with the ones above to get high resolution pictures you can compare.  As noted by Dr. Saffir: This is only three visits.  Advanced Biostructural Correction™ makes more changes in minutes to days than any other healthcare method makes in months to years.

ArianaB 008ArianaB 009

Scoliosis patients change this quickly and can take longer to change depending upon damage and other factors.