What is Advanced BioStructural Correction™?
Dr. Jutkowitz has discovered the few important things about how bodies work that others had either missed or not noticed the importance of noticing. Using this information he created Advanced BioStructural Correction™, a system by which any doctor can get bodies (bio = life, so biostructure) working corrected and working properly (healthy) using conservative methods without drugs or surgery. Though many things have been discovered about how bodies work they are not all important in being able to correct bodies and get them working optimally.

Is ABC™ a new technique or a procedure utilizing known techniques?
As noted in the material in Biostructural therapies can work as they are supposed to… and On Doing Research, What Most Researchers Have Missed, ABC™ is both discoveries of others culled of all the extraneous materials and new discoveries by me. As a body of work it is new. The “new” thing about it is that the basics of body mechanics have been isolated and the use of that information (technology = use of information) has come together in an effective technology for correcting body structures.

Is ABC™ a ‘non-force’ technique?
No, ABC™ involves using the force necessary to move what needs to be moved. If you release the meninges and correctly treat the person they will quickly get to the point not much force is needed but “non-force” techniques — by actual measurements, not by opinion — do not get the job done to where it needs to be done to correct the patient.

Are x-rays needed to practice ABC™?
No. X-ray is not needed at all to do Advanced BioStructural Correction™. X-ray was most certainly needed to do the research but now that body mechanics are understood there is no need to do x-rays clinically to get the results promised.

How long has it been taught and did you conceive the idea?
ABC™ was taught on and off from 1991 until 1998 as I researched the best way to teach and communicate what ABC™ could do. Since 1995 it has been taught as Advanced BioStructural Therapy™ but I have found Advanced BioStructural Correction™ better communicates what we are doing.

As stated elsewhere, I always take the time to test new suggestions but have not found anything that improved bodies better and/or faster than what I was doing in 1989 and have had to undo every change made since 1989 and go back to what was being done then for the most effective treatments and results on patients.