There are a couple of ways you can approach learning the Advanced BioStructural Correction Brand New Body System™.

I would advise Option 1 because the Core Curriculum Program gives you everything you need to know
and gets you started doing ABC™ quickly.

Some people take Option 2 because they have difficulty believing that ABC™ can actually do all the things we claim.
Either way people discover that we are not making pie in the sky claims but just truthful descriptions
of what happens with human bodies treated with Advanced BioStructural Correction™ and
they go on to get better results and help more people than they ever dreamed possible.


Option 1

Core Curriculum Program First

Learn from two manuals and from DVD showing how to perform all the maneuvers. Gain the core understanding of ABC™ that allows you to start using ABC™ right away. Then follow this up with a hands on seminar right away for the details of the maneuvers and hands on evaluation by the instructors.

Benefit: Develop deep understanding of how ABC works to correct bodies and start using ABC™ immediately this week.

Down Side: No hands on training until you do a live seminar.

Cost: $2495

Attend an ABC™ Basic Seminar

Hands on training in a small class setting with competent instructors who are not just excellent ABC™ practitioners but trained as excellent instructors also.

Cost: $395

Option 2

Attend an ABC™ Basic Seminar

Many choose this route because it’s the least expensive option to evaluate ABC™ before buying the Core Curriculum Program (CCP).

Benefit: Less Expensive

Down Side: Lack the foundational knowledge that the CCP would provide if learned prior to attending the seminar.

Cost: $395

Core Curriculum Program

Now that you realize what ABC™ offers, you’ll need to learn all the behind the scene processes that make ABC™ work. Some of this is covered in the ABC™ Basic Seminar, but the seminar focuses more on learning the maneuvers, while the CCP focuses on why we do them. The CCP also gives you all the tools you need to be successful, including DVDs that show the protocol, so you can refer to them and replay them whenever needed.”

Cost: $2495