Advanced BioStructural Correction™
Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz – June 15, 2022




For some reason I must keep updating and adding to this subject of Keeping ABC™ Working. It is frustrating but necessary to ensure that ABC does get done correctly by all practitioners. It is AFTER ABC is not done correctly or because of misunderstandings of how the body unwinds that people alter ABC to fit some strange idea of how things should be.

I have recently been informed about several people who seem to think that treating people on the wrong side occasionally is a good thing. IT IS NOT!

This takes several forms and can seem to work for several reasons but none of them are good.

One reason it is done is just a plain misunderstanding of what I wrote and what is taught at live seminars and trainings. That misunderstanding is that client’s heads should be absolutely level at the end of every treatment. That is not true. What I wrote and said and say and say now again in this bulletin is,

“The ideal thing is for clients’ heads to be level on the synch testing at the end of a treatment. BUT, it often does not happen that way because there are often things you cannot correct on any one visit.”

The reasons you might not be able to correct something on a visit are several:

  • One reason is that the person might have meningeal adhesions in an area that keeps an anterior there or even a meningeal adhesion that keeps a compensation in place preventing unwinding.
  • Another reason is similar but without meningeal adhesions – sometimes the spine is just so twisted or not terribly twisted but twisted at a spot in just the wrong way that prevents you from being able to do a correction on that particular anterior vertebra (PBP).
  • Another reason is a meningeal adhesion on the compensation side that prevents the body from unwinding and keeps the body off center.
  • There are other reasons such as swelling after an injury but these are the most frequent.

There are some ABC practitioners out there who think that getting the head level and staying level on the synch tests at the end of the visit is absolutely necessary. (It is NOT!) So when they can’t make that happen by the usual protocol steps, instead of calling Jesse, they start to come up with unusual solutions. One is deciding to treat some compensations in an attempt to get the head level. This is horrible because it is not helping the person at all and removing compensations can worsen the person’s body mechanics.

It can work to get the head level, but the reason it works is that the client’s body is now so locked up from having compensations removed that they have to work like heck to keep level and lock up their bodies. So, the head is level on the check. HOWEVER, it is a pathological level and, as the person moves around other bad things happen because their body is no longer compensating well. So, do not do this. We have literally had clients with very twisted bodies end up in the hospital because they were purposely treated in the wrong direction by some well-meaning but misguided practitioner trying to get their head even at the end of a treatment. Do NOT do that! You are making them worse in a very bad way.

We have had people who have had this done on them, end up in the hospital with heart problems. The heart has a problem because the chest becomes compressed. It can seem worse in people who have been getting ABC because they are used to their hearts working better and suddenly it gets compressed and they very certainly notice the difference.

We have had people who just faint from practitioners treating compensations continually and so on. This includes clients of those practitioners who do the other side every once in a while in the misguided idea that it helps the client. It does not. If you have to continually do this you are missing something or doing something you should not be doing – pushing too hard, moving your hand onto the PBP when you set-up to do anteriors or something else.

We have even had one practitioner do very hard Meningeal Releases on a person in the wrong direction in an attempt to get their stuck hip to unlock. The client went into seizures right at the end of the wrong side Meningeal Release and the practitioner called 911 instead of just doing that same Meningeal Release to the opposite side and then correcting the anterior vertebral displacements he caused. That would have most likely taken the woman out of the problem.

Well, that client has had it. They are now numb on one side of the body with the medical people claiming she had a stroke. AND, she will never get it corrected because they have convinced her that the manipulation was the cause of the problem and she should never get manipulation again.

The medical people are right and wrong. It is not a stroke. Let me explain. The MR was the cause but it was on the wrong side wiping out compensations. It also caused anterior vertebral displacements. So now, with those compensations wiped out and anterior vertebral displacements at more than just a few levels created by the wrong side MR, her entire nervous system tissue is being pulled on because she is anterior with few or no compensations. It is affecting the nerves on that side of her entire body. If it was a stroke, it would be the opposite side of her face that would be affected because the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body. That is not what is happening. It is the entire left side of her body including the face.

This is a pseudo-stroke and a known fact medically. It is covered in the video called The Ultimate Guide to the Fuzzy Patient that was a presentation at the Hawaii ABC Convention in 2013 and not difficult to correct though it can take some time.

So, do not be so impatient that you try to force the body to unwind faster. Occasionally you get lucky but mostly you cause problems for people, sometimes catastrophic.

And, do not think you will get the clients’ bodies to be level after any one visit or after every visit.

You should certainly NOT be wiping out compensations on purpose on any type of regular basis because it will cause many problems for your patients. This is true even when it relieves pain in the short term because you are shifting the mechanical stress to some other part of their body.

When there are meningeal adhesions keeping anteriors there you can always try to do meningeal releases at the spot, Anterior Meningeal Releases, PMRs and LMRs.

Sometimes that will work and you then do the anterior vertebral corrections at that area and voila (from French and pronounced wah – lah, the meaning is: to call attention to something or something suddenly occurring, usually good) and the body then shows level on the ending synch test at all checks.

Sometimes that will not work because the body is twisted at that spot and the adhesion is not available to pull apart because of the twist. In other words, because of the spinal twist you cannot get the body into a position that will allow you to pull apart that adhesion – it happens. In those cases you just have to wait for the body to unwind to a position that you can get the Meningeal Release done.

Almost everyone who has treated a client with a large kyphosis is familiar with this. They come in, you do the first Meningeal Release and half or one-third, more than that or just some of their kyphosis disappears immediately. It is wonderful to see. Then then practitioner thinks, I will get the rest of it next time. But that does not happen. The rest of the kyphosis is persistent even with the practitioner doing Meningeal Releases every visit. The spine is just twisted in a way that the practitioner cannot get it released. Then, weeks or months later, the practitioner does a Posterior Meningeal Release or Anterior Meningeal Release because it shows up and another large part of the kyphosis or, all of it, just disappears. Why? Because the body finally unwound to a shape that lets the practitioner pull on the meningeal adhesion so it will come apart.

These are just a few of the very bad effects and affect that can happen when you go to the wrong side. So, it is a bad thing to do on purpose.

Then we have people who make mistakes and use some other method to make up for the mistakes. One practitioner we constantly checking and treating the sacrum in the wrong places. When she noticed the sacrum was still crooked she used some other thing to make corrections which sometimes worked and sometimes did not (because sometimes it was crooked as a compensation and should have been left alone). Then, she comes to a seminar and gets corrected and all the sacrum problems she thought she was having because ABC was not working disappeared. Simple anatomy error that had her chasing all over for another solution instead of calling Jesse and asking about it. Sheesh!

Alright, so let’s be standard when applying ABC. (Standard in this case meaning doing things correctly and the same as directed.) Let’s be patient with unwinding and do the protocol the right way and we’ll “Keep ABC Working” for sure.

Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz