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Keep in mind that professional training to do correction of human body structures ranges from:

  • Osteopathic schools (which include complete medical training) that cost about $228,000 just for tuition not including supplies or living expenses.
  • Chiropractic schools (which include medical diagnostics but not treatments) that cost about $95,000 to $110,000 not including supplies or living expenses.

After that you have practice. Read up on it.  There were about 60,000 practicing chiros in the US when I graduated in 1980. Checking Google there are currently about 44,000 according the the US Labor department.

Yet, there are now about 10,000 chiropractic students.  Assuming 2500 graduates a year this shows a declining number. Why?

What is taught in chiropractic schools is not very effective and much more than half the graduates are out of practice within a short time or never get into practice. You might want to read this from a chiro’s wife.

You will find those learning ABC™ have a 100% success rate in starting and growing a practice within 6 months of graduating or learning ABC™.  We have not had a report of a failure.

Check the low costs to learn to be effective and successful below.

Note: Prices quoted are for ABC International in the USA. Prices for seminars held or sponsored by other authorized Instructors or Associations and particularly in other countries may be different.

Training Courses and Seminars

You can learn Advanced BioStructural Correction™ this way:

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