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Keep in mind that professional training to do correction of human body structures ranges from:

  • Osteopathic schools (which include complete medical training) that cost about $228,000 just for tuition not including supplies or living expenses.
  • Chiropractic schools (which include medical diagnostics but not treatments) that cost about $95,000 to $110,000 not including supplies or living expenses.

After that you have practice. Read up on it.  There were about 60,000 practicing chiros in the US when I graduated in 1980. Checking Google there are currently about 44,000 according the the US Labor department.

Yet, there are now about 10,000 chiropractic students.  Assuming 2500 graduates a year this shows a declining number. Why?

What is taught in chiropractic schools is not very effective and much more than half the graduates are out of practice within a short time or never get into practice. You might want to read this from a chiro’s wife.

You will find those learning ABC™ have a 100% success rate in starting and growing a practice within 6 months of graduating or learning ABC™.  We have not had a report of a failure.

Check the low costs to learn to be effective and successful below.

Training Courses and Seminars

You can learn Advanced BioStructural Correction™ this way:

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