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Start right now on the path to become a Certified ABC™ Practitioner.

You won't believe the difference the ABC™ protocol will make for your patients. Choose how you want to learn:

Enroll in the Advanced BioStructural Correction online program. You'll get all your Core Curriculum Program (CCP) manuals online and work through a rigorously tested, modular learning experience.

To achieve Level 1 Certification after completing the online, you will either attend a live seminar for the hands-on practical coaching -or- add on personal video coaching to demonstrate your skills to a Certified Instructor.

The ABC™ method starts with a complete home study course, the Core Curriculum Program (CCP).

Practitioners train with ABC™ Master Instructors in live seminars. Through a continuous program of hands-on training and exams, Practitioners hone their skills from Level 1 Certification through Level 4.